Unique and Interesting Concept For Your Restaurant Business

Culinary business is a business that will never end. However, the increasingly mushrooming of people who plunge into the world of business makes more and more competitors. Lots of unique restaurants are popping up.

Therefore, it must be creative and innovative in creating creations and ideas in the current era. This time we will provide inspiration and ideas for those of you who intend to do business in the culinary field and intend to open their restaurant.

Maybe some of these types of restaurants can be easily found in other countries, but this can be an idea for those of you who want to open a business in your state.

Concept For Your Restaurant Business

The following are ten examples of unique restaurants in Europe and Asia.

1. Farm to able Restaurant

If you have your garden, why don’t you try opening a restaurant directly in your garden? You can create your kitchen and dining table in the middle of your plantation.

With the concept of greening like this, it will attract many visitors. Don’t forget to provide a variety of healthy menus to be in line with your restaurant environment.

2. Self-Fishing and Cooking

Have a hobby of fishing? Why not just share your hobby with your fishing community by creating your restaurant.

The concept is simple; guests can directly fish the fish they want and cook it according to their wishes. Surely this will be a pleasure for those who have a hobby of fishing, especially if you prepare a variety of large and fresh fish.

3. Dark Dining

This concept might still be prevalent in Indonesia. However, you might be able to make it an opportunity for your business.

Eating in the dark is simple. It might be a unique experience for your customers. With the lights turned off, the other senses will become stronger, so that the food you make will taste delicious.

4. DIY – Do it Yourself

If in general restaurants have prepared chefs to cook their food then this time you can turn it over, for your customers to cook their food.

You have to provide the tools and ingredients according to the menu they want and let them mix it yourself.

A cooking experience that certainly won’t be forgotten by your customers. Indeed, don’t forget to prepare a reliable chef to assist your customers.

5. Comics Cafe

Have a lot of comic books or magazines at home? Why not make them as your culinary business concept.

You can make a restaurant similar to a library where customers are free to be able to eat your meal while reading the books they like. It is unique.

6. Funeral Cafe

It is probably the unique restoring concept you will ever meet. You can prepare a restaurant with a design that looks like a Japanese or English style funeral concept that seems luxurious. Serve food with a theme that is somewhat horror so that it seems more unique.

7. Indoor restaurant

Have an apartment and are rarely used? Why not try making a restaurant in an apartment.

The luxury apartment environment will certainly make your customers feel at home for long, especially if the view from inside your apartment is pretty good. Don’t forget to ask permission from the apartment security to not be suspected!

8. Future Restaurants

In general, today’s restaurants are manually served by waiters. However, what about future restaurants? Maybe you can create a restaurant-future style where robots are used as waiters or chefs.

Make a menu that is also unique and interesting using gastronomic techniques. Guaranteed your restaurant will be a favorite of many people.

9. Food truck

It is a type of restaurant that has begun to mushroom in Indonesia. There is nothing wrong if you also join a business using a food truck.

The advantage is that you can move from one place to another and you can easily promote the food products you sell.

10. Animal Cafe

Have lots of pets? Why not try to make a cafe with a pet concept. Arrange each cage of your pet neatly so that it can be a spectacle for visitors.

Alternatively, if your pet is a friendly animal such as a cat or dog, you might be able to take it off and let them interact with customers. You can also allow customers to bring their pets.

Don’t also forget to provide food for animals so as not to disturb when customers are eating.

How is about the Unique Restaurant above? It could be a new business opportunity, couldn’t it?

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